Innopipe - Unique inline gas separator and piggable drip system removes 99 % of liquids

Watch how Innopipe separates liquids to produce a primary gas stream that is 99 % liquid-free

The Innopipe removes fluids from natural gas lines. 

We remove liquids like produced water, hydrocarbon condensates and chemicals from natural gas lines. Results include better pipeline integrity; minimized corrosion issues; reduced use of inhibitors;  black powder reduction or elimination; extended pipeline life; slug reduction and control; reduced pigging; and improved plant and pipeline operations and predictability due to more consistent operations.

The Innopipe separator differs from conventional designs because it addresses the most common flow pattern in gas transmission and gathering lines: annular flow. We are less expensive to build and have much broader operating parameters than most gravity-inducing designs. The Innopipe inline separator provide 99.9% separation efficiency. Innopipe is designed to be piggable, and can be built to any size and design code in the world including CSA, ASME, GOST, DNV, ANSI, DIN, CE, ISO, AS, CFR, PD and TUV. Innopipe also has an almost negligible pressure drop across it.


• Compressor protection

• River crossings and low points

• Upstream of ultrasonic flow meters

• General Pipeline liquid removal

• Slug control and management

• Cavern storage liquid removal

• Compressor lube oil removal

• Production separators

• Black powder prevention/reduction


• Allows pigging through unit

• Above or below grade installations

• Pipeline sizes 1” to 60”, high pressure

• Proven installations world-wide

• Low pressure drop

• Lower cost vs other separator styles

• Small footprint

• Manufactured in Canada or under license across the world including the Middle East.

• Simple design, easy to use